Varieties: Big Boy, Royal Glo, Red Diamond, Early Juan, Pro 303, Zeefire, Pro712.

Its main characteristic is its intense color, high water content, and it is an excellent source of fiber and pectin. As for peaches, the climatic benefits of Vichiculen allow us to satisfy the early demands of the different markets.


Benefits of eating nectarines

It is recommended to consume this fruit when we suffer from stressful situations, nervousness or moments of fear. And it is that it will be able to calm and relax us thanks to the magnesium that it has.

In the same way, nectarine is very rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene, thanks to which this food will help us, when consumed, to strengthen our body against heart or degenerative diseases.

Slimming. This is because it is diuretic since more than 70% of its structure is water. Therefore, those who are on a diet are advised to consume it as it will help them eliminate fluids, not suffer constipation and, therefore, lose weight.

Benefits of eating nectarines