Our History

Montolin S.A., is the owner of Vichiculén, an agricultural property located in the Llay Llay area, approximately 80 kms north of Santiago de Chile, in the Aconcagua valley.

A review of the origins of Vichiculén and its recent history, which during the last two decades of the 20th century and what has passed from it, has been under the administration of Montolin S.A.

Through this company, which undercapitalized and underperforming lands, have given way to what is today Agrícola Montolin S.A., a modern and important company that produces and exports large volumes of fresh fruit to the main markets of Asia, Europe and America.

Agrícola Montolin S.A., produces, packages and exports its own fruit, specializing in mandarines, nectarines, peaches, plums and avocados, supplying the main markets in the world.

The society has a seven board of directors related to the agricultural, financial and business world in general. The administration, all made up of professional executives, has a General Management and Management of Administration, Finance, Production and Exports.

Agrícola Montolin S.A. is certified for all its production processes in the main international standards of quality, safety, security, social responsibility and the environment, which allows it to position its fruit in the main markets of the world.


Our mission is to provide fresh and food safety with the requirements that our clients ask for, responding to their needs and expectations.


Our Vision is to consolidate and stand out as an important fruit exporting company in the country.



Felipe Soza Donoso

Board Members

Francisco Soza Donoso

Luz Soza Donoso

Juan Ignacio Soza Donoso

Cristián Covarrubias Morandé

Francisco Vial Amunátegui

Bernardo Simián Soza